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    We are an ethical company focused on the emotional development and growth of parents and young children through short illustrated stories targeting a vast range of topics of concern for the modern family. We believe in both the benefits of storytelling as a behaviour transformational tool as well as the importance of sound emotional skills in the development of strong, focused, and balanced individuals with great interpersonal skills and a strong awareness of their inner world as well as the world around them.

    Me and my Feelings

    Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hate, Anxiety, Depression, Hurt, Generosity, Love, Loneliness

    Dealing with Others

    Feelings of others, Sharing, Cooperation, Embracing diversity, Bullying, Stereotypes, Social exclusion, Abuse

    Addressing Life's Challenges

    Failure, Divorce, Illness, Bereavement, Change, Immigration, Financial difficulties

    Values and Virtues

    Family, Friendship, Honesty, Being part of community, Cherishing the environment, Kindness and compassion

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    See how Eric, aged 5, defeated his inner Anger Monster

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    See how Coral, aged 8, coped with the loss of his life's hero!

  • Read a third. Three makes magic!

    See how Mango and Hazel, age 5, overcame failure and found friendship along the way! 

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    We've got a top notch team!

    Corina Barsa

    The hopeless dreamer


    Corina is a loving mum, daughter, sister and wife and the co-founder of Big Little Thinkers. She is a lawyer by background and a dreamer by design. She loves all things beautiful, spending time in nature, listening to the rain, engulfing in a good book, catching up with friends and spending time with her beautiful little family, husband Nico and baby girl Audrey.

    Corina is passionate about the Big Little Thinkers project and believes it can contribute to the development of young children into confident, secure, happy, responsible adults. Inspired by her own life's journey she loves writing short stories about strong emotions and how to cope with them. Feeling that she can make a difference to someone's wellbeing and happiness or to that of our little beautiful planet is what makes Corina tick.


    Alison Rasmussen

    The passionate artist

    Alison is a self-taught artist (traditional) and over the past 18 months has embarked on an exciting journey as an illustrator. She has collaborated with two indie authors, illustrating three books to date, and is currently working on two children’s books. She joins in with art collectives on Twitter for a challenge and for fun.

    She could quite happily sit and draw all day, every day. She is passionate about learning new techniques and refining old ones. She collects fantasy art books and pencils.

    She is a mum to an 8 year old boy, and lucky him, she is a massive sci-fi geek.

    Joy Chan

    The inspired illustrator

    Joy is originally from Hong Kong. Growing up, she enjoyed Japanese comics and cartoons. After moving to the UK as a teen, she was inspired by western art and culture. She developed an interest in oil painting, pencil drawing, watercolour, comics, animation and children’s books. She loved drawing portrait, landscape, still life and fantasy - everything was an inspiration.

    Illustration is Joy’s true passion. She has an Illustration Master’s Degree and a First Class BA Hons Degree in the same subject. She was commissioned to do portraits, landscapes and illustrations for children’s books such as ‘Herm’s Secret’ written by Kate O’Hearn, ‘The Bother in Burmeon’ and ‘Trouble in Teutonia’ written by S.P.Moss.

    Joy stopped drawing for a few years whilst she was developing her design skills as well as exploring the meaning of life. It is only when she developed some eye issues and saw her vision threatened that Joy realised how much she had missed drawing. When her eyes got better, she started drawing again and resolved to use her skills towards creating something unique, meaningful and inspiring! She decided to use her drawing skill to help people.


    Diana Gira

    The "yes" woman

    Diana has been flirting with the idea of putting her thoughts on paper for a while and is really excited to have the chance to develop her storytelling skills. She is confident in everything she does and never stops trying new things. She likes change, is spontaneous and loves saying yes to new opportunities.

    Diana lives in Cluj, a beautiful city in the heart of Transylvania, together with her husband Radu and her lovely 4 year old son Stefan. She is a good wife and mother, is an enthusiastic guitarist and photographer, likes undertaking handmade projects such as making crochet and embroidered bags, creating textile painting and other challenging art projects.

    Family is very important to Diana. She believed that millions of moments spent with loved ones make life fulfilling and create beautiful memories in old age.

    Natasha Adom

    The role model

    Natasha is a voracious reader and a prolific writer. She is passionate about empowering children to have a love of learning and about helping children to aim high and to aspire to achieve their goals.
    Many moons ago, Natasha set up an Aspirations Day at Oxford University - the first of its kind to encourage children from underprivileged backgrounds to apply to Oxbridge. Now, alongside working as a lawyer, she tutors children to help them reach their goals.
    Natasha believes nothing is impossible with hard work and passion. She enjoys spending time with family, loves Cyprus and Alcudia beach, writing and conjuring up stories with her two young daughters.

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